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Training, strategically designed and engineered

When we stop and think about nothing more than the financial control that each aircraft mechanic possesses in the way we conduct business every day, it’s simply mind-boggling. The way the historical records are maintained can and will have a major impact on the resale value of the aircraft. The availability of an aircraft in both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events are directly proportional to an aircraft maintenance technician’s efficiencies and/or inefficiencies. Spare parts management, what to order, when to order, where to order, repair it or replace it, who performs the repair or overhaul, the cost of repair and overhaul, the lead time for repair and overhaul, are all primarily the decisions of the aircraft maintenance technicians. Complacency, risk, and human factors related issues can and will have an impact in our decision-making process. Our decisions are serious, and they have impact. Aviation Integrity fully appreciates and respects the aircraft maintenance technician’s contributions, we also fully understand and appreciate that training limited to procedural execution is simply not enough. The training designed and developed by Aviation Integrity LLC, regardless of subject, will have such commodities as human factors, risk management, process improvement techniques, customer service, fiscal responsibility, and efficiencies embedded into every training presentation. Our objective at Aviation Integrity LLC is not limited to simply delivering procedural type training; our objective is to deliver vibrant value added Human Development to the aircraft maintenance community, a much higher standard.

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