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+Is there a sample Webinar available so I can verify that it works on my computer before I become a member?
At this time we do not have a sample Webinar available, but plan to do so very soon. You should also view our system requirements at to ensure the program will run properly on your computer.

+I’m not an IA. Can I still take these IA Renewal Seminars?
Of course! Any maintenance professional is welcome to participate in these seminars. In addition to IA renewal credit, all renewal seminars should be approved for credit towards the FAA AMT Awards Program in the near future.

+Will my local FSDO recognize this as approved training?
Absolutely, each certificate will have a nationally recognized FAA Approval Number on it. This is your guarantee that the FAA have already approved our renewal courses.

+How many courses do I need to complete the training for IA renewal?
Each course is credited for 1 hour of IA renewal training. You must complete 8 hours of training to be eligible for IA renewal.

+Why do I only need 400 minutes to complete the training and not 480 minutes?
According to the F.S.I.M.S. 8900.1 requirements, in order for a classroom or “live” seminar to be approved by the FAA for an hour of credit, it must be at least 50 minutes long. Because of this, the FAA has stipulated that in order for an IA to receive renewal training credit for these online IA renewals, the IA must complete a total of 400 minutes of seminar time.

Therefore, 50 minutes (the amount of time necessary for an hour’s worth of credit in a traditional classroom setting) x 8 hours = 400 minutes. If the IA receives 400 actual minutes of this online IA renewal training, that is equivalent to 8 hours of classroom training. We have worked with the FAA closely on this project to ensure we meet both the letter and intent of the regulations.

+Nothing happens when I click the seminar I want to watch.
This is likely a pop-up issue. Don’t assume that because you’ve disabled your pop-up blocker, that you have no pop-up blocker.

The latest versions of Internet Explorer (as well as add-ons such as the ‘Google Toolbar’) incorporate a pop-up blocker. Aviation Integrity’s seminars utilize pop-up technology, so one way to disable most blockers is to hold down the CTRL key while you click the link to launch any item.

+When I click "Launch Presentation" the program partially loads and then stops.
This is likely to be a problem with your connection speed. Online seminars are best viewed with a high-speed internet connection.

+The media player does not appear in the console or is not functioning properly.
The seminars can be viewed with either Real Audio Player or Windows Media Player. If one player does not work properly on your computer, please download and try the other player. They can be downloaded for free from the “Launch Presentation” page.

+The slide presentation does not advance even though the audio advances.
This is likely a connection speed issue. If you have verified you have a good connection speed, it may also be related to Windows Media Player or Real Player. Please download the latest version of the program you are using. They can be downloaded for free from the “Launch Presentation” page.

+My slides do not finish loading before the audio moves on to the next slide.
If your slides are not loading fast enough, you can click the pause button on your player to pause the audio until the slide is completely loaded.

If your slides are not loading fast enough, you can click the pause button on your player to pause the audio until the slide is completely loaded.

Also, let your console preload. The event consoles are set to pre-load all the slides in the browser cache, which means the file format (PNG) should not cause the slides to load more slowly than the audio stream.

+How long do I have access to the quiz link slide in the console?
The quiz link slide is set to appear in the console window for 5 minutes. We recommend you click the link to open the quiz as soon as the slide appears.

+When I click the button to Submit and Proceed to Post Test, nothing happens or a blank screen opens.
This is related to a pop-up blocker issue. Make sure to run through the general software settings, and then hold down your CTRL key when you press the Submit and Proceed To Post Test button. Note: You don’t have to watch the program again, simply slide the progress bar(found directly below the play button) to the 95% position where you see the slide for Submit and Proceed to Post Test.

+What happens if I fail the quiz? Will I have to re-take the whole presentation?
No. Once the presentation is loaded on your computer, you can go back to any point in the presentation to review any portion of it you wish. You can then re-take the quiz.

+How long will it take to get my certificate?
Once you complete the seminar and successfully pass the verification quiz at the end, you will be directed to a web page with your certificate of completion. Once there, you can print out your certificate. Note: The certificate may take a couple of minutes to load.

+When I complete the quiz and click “submit”, nothing happens.
It is likely that you are not using the latest version of JAVA. Please follow the instructions for the configuration procedures, be sure to download the latest version of JAVA from, reboot your computer, and try again.

+How can I access my certificate after I have passed the quiz? What if I do not have access to a printer?
You must have access to a printer in order to print out your certificate. Your certificate will open in a pop-up window upon successful completion of the quiz.

However, if you wish to access your certificate at a later time, open the presentation you wish to print the certificate for. Move the audio slide towards the end of the presentation. Click Submit and Proceed to Post Test. You will not need to retake the quiz, if you have already completed and passed it. Instead it will automatically generate your certificate.

+These are the same presentations as last year. Can I watch the same presentations again for next year’s IA renewal?
Yes. You can watch the same presentation again for next year’s IA renewal. We fully intend to add additional seminars, however there are no definitive dates for this at this time.

+I get this error message when I click Submit and Proceed to Post Test: “You do not appear to be registered for this event”.
This is likely an issue with your cookies. Please follow the guidelines in the General Software Settings section.

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