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Buddy Evans, President of Educational Advancement

Lloyd “Buddy” Evans began his aviation career in June of 1975, at the age 17, by joining the United States Air Force as a Mechanic on the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom. He acquired his FAA A&P certificate in 1980 and immediately transitioned into helicopter maintenance. Early in his career Buddy was involved in two helicopter accidents. In 1984 Buddy acquired the FAA Inspection Authorization. Furthering his career advancement, Buddy acquired his FAA Designated Mechanic Examiner (DME) in 1992 and his FAA Designated Airworthiness Representative (Maintenance DAR) in 1993.

In 1991, Buddy hit the podium for the first time as a platform instructor for Bell Helicopter. Buddy went on to start the Institute for Aeronautical Achievers in 1992 providing an array of training solutions to the aviation community including A&P and IA certification preparation, and FAA Part 135 and Part 145 maintenance training. Buddy was approved in 1996 to conduct Inspection Authorization Renewal Seminars and has been doing IA Renewal Seminars every year since 1996.

As a proponent of aviation safety, Buddy has been actively and consistently been involved in the FAA Safety programs since 1995. Buddy is a current and active member of The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD), and the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE). Buddy returned to college in the discipline of Adult Education, and is certified by the International Board of Standards for Training, Performance, and Instruction as a Certified Trainer, Certified Instructional Designer, and Certified Training Manager. In 2012 Buddy was awarded the FAA Master Aviation Educators Award.

Please read the article Buddy wrote about his capacity as a student, titled Buddy Evans, The Student



A few words from Buddy:

I can’t deny it, I love this industry. I love the people in it, and I love what we do. I am wired to help people, and that is what I try to do, each and every day. When I moved into the training end of our business it was just a fit. Because I am committed to this business, and the people in it, I submerged myself into learning the skills of adult education. I am all about SAFETY. It may not always be the easiest path, the quickest path, nor the cheapest path, but it is the only path.

I have 2 objectives in this business: 1) Provide you with the best training you have ever received. 2) Prevent one accident. Please join me in becoming a Conductor on this Safety Train and lets collectively prevent an accident from happening. Buddy”

…Buddy Evans is a Trained Professional…



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