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Computer Based Training

Computer-based training: What it can do, and what it cannot do

There are always pros and cons with pretty much anything we care to analyze. There are two basic shortcomings associated with computer based training.


1) In a closed environment, online training platform, the student cannot ask a question and receive an immediate answer from the instructor. Most closed environment online training, does allow for a student to telephone, e-mail, or instant message the instructor with their question. Even with the provisions to contact the instructor, this is still a bit cumbersome on the student. If the student has a question in the middle of the presentation they may have to pause the presentation write down their question, consolidate all of their questions at the end of the training presentation and then contact the instructor to obtain the answers.


In an open online training platform, such as a webinar, if the student has a web cam with a built-in microphone, or an external microphone plugged into their computer, the student can electronically raise their hand in the webinar, and the instructor can un-mute the students microphone allowing them to ask the question during the presentation.


At Aviation Integrity, LLC we fully understand and appreciate this limitation in the closed environment online training platform. As competent online training developers, we will exhaust every effort in an attempt to design the training so the students will not have any questions during or after the training. Additionally, before publishing a closed environment online course we will pilot the training course to professional online training auditors that are intentionally looking for questions that could or should be asked in the online course. Based on the auditor’s findings we will amend the course as necessary so all potential questions are answered within the body of the training presentation.


2) There are certain skills sets, and competencies that simply cannot be taught in an online training presentation. Regardless of how strong ones online instructional development skills are, there is simply no way to teach someone how to ride a bicycle or land an aircraft in a cross-wind situation.


At Aviation Integrity, LLC we are professional developers that invest a concentrated effort to identify the most efficient and effective manner possible to facilitate the knowledge transfer. For example: if the training objective was to teach someone how to pack a bearing, the method of delivery would be a short video in lieu of a detailed written procedure. Aviation Integrity, LLC will never produce an online training presentation that requires feel or smell to achieve the desired objective.


Now let’s take a look at the many benefits associated with the closed environment online training platform.


1) An instructor is not required to administer the knowledge transfer

2) The training and testing is standardized to every student

3) The training can be administered around production requirements

4) The training is not geographically limited

5) The cost associated with training is drastically reduced

6) The training is available 24/7

7) The training is 3–4 times more efficient than podium instruction

8) Training records are maintained electronically reducing administration efforts/costs


Additionally, the closed environment online training platform can be designed to be utilized as a quick reference resource. For example: if an individual needed to know how to obtain an extension on an item deferred in the Minimum Equipment List (MEL) they could open up the training on the minimum equipment list, select extensions in the table of contents which will hyperlink them to the one page in the presentation that addresses extensions. This provision allows the individual to obtain the knowledge they need immediately without having to watch the entire training presentation.


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