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Curriculum Development:

New Hire Training, Part 145 Repair Station, Part 135, Corporate, whatever your needs.

We can develop specialized training courses designed to meet your immediate or long term training requirements.

The courses can be developed for Computer based delivery on CD/DVD where the students simply runs the voice narrated training course without the need of an instructor. Computer based training courses can be designed with student interaction in the training. Or we can develop the course to be delivered by an in-house instructor. Either platform can have student handout, workbooks, practical application exercises, videos, and tests.

Contracted Training Courses:

Aviation Integrity can be contracted to come to your facility and conduct various training courses.

Here are some examples of what we offer:

Airworthiness Directives

Federal Aviation Regulations

Human Factors

Inspection Techniques and Competencies

Receiving Inspection

Repair Station Training

Risk Management for Aircraft Technicians

Technical Writing and Communication Skills

Consultant / Auditor:

Quite often before the training effort, Aviation Integrity will be contracted to conduct a comprehensive audit of say a Repair Station. The results of the audit offers two benefits: 1) it identifies discrepancies that can be rectified before the FAA identifies the discrepancies, and 2) it establishes crucial training topics to be addressed and covered in the forthcoming training effort. Regardless of size, each and every maintenance organization must employ/deploy training. It is extremely difficult to determine exactly when a company has grown to the point a full time instructor must be employed to champion the training needs.

There is no magical formula, and there is no “One Size Fits All” when it comes developing and designing a training program that is affordable, effective, and efficient. Buddy Evans, will evaluate your personal environment, and conduct a comprehensive Needs Analysis on your current and anticipated training obligations and work in a practical, logical manner to design the most cost effective training program for your organization.

From Start-up training departments to an efficiency and effectiveness audit of your existing training program/department, Aviation Integrity is prepared to support your organizational requirements.

Respectfully, L. J. “Buddy” Evans

President, Educational Advancement

Aviation Integrity

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