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Training versus Human Development

Human Development is not a phrase commonly used in the aircraft maintenance arena. The fundamental difference between training and Human Development is the simple fact that training is extremely limited to procedural execution, as compared to the global benefits of Human Development. One might receive a training class or course on the proper procedures to order a part. However when an incorrect part is ordered, arrives, and sets in inventory for several days, not recognizing we wasted hard earned company assets on a part we do not need until we attempt to install the part; does the value and appreciation of Human Development come into the equation. We then attempt to order the correct part number (re-work) only to find out that our supplier is reporting zero stock with a three-week lead time. While our aircraft is AOG, and our competitor is thoroughly enjoying our inefficiencies, the supplier had 3 correct parts available on the day we ordered the incorrect part number. So, what’s the problem here; the individual was extremely competent on the procedures of ordering parts? He placed an order and the part came in, the training was successful, but the organization suffered drastically. This is where Human Development makes the difference, not only does Human Development achieve the procedural tasks of parts ordering, it allows the individual to understand fiscal responsibility, and the risks and ramifications of their actions. Human Development fosters individual responsibility that employs checks and balances, follow-up and follow-through that produces consistent success in all that we do. The momentum of Human Development will be amplified and disseminated into all aspects of our daily activity. When these simple yet highly efficient and effective principles are strategically designed and engineered into every aspect of our training, the return on investment is absolutely phenomenal.

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