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Our Solution

Aviation Integrity LLC, is a solution based organization that delivers a wide spectrum of enhanced efficiencies, and risk reduction, that ultimately produces continued and tangible financial rewards to the aviation maintenance community. The only vehicle known to mankind to positively achieve these monumental objectives is a vibrant Human Development campaign.

Aircraft maintenance technicians are amongst the greatest individuals on this planet. They are driven to understand the why, and they will work relentlessly to apply every ounce of their knowledge and capabilities to the machines that support life in the air. Aircraft maintenance technicians are a very predictable group of professionals, the more that they know, the better they perform.

When an aircraft maintenance technician is operating at peak performance the direct operating cost of an aircraft is at an all-time low, aircraft availability is maximized, resale value of the aircraft is greatly enhanced, and any risk associated federal compliance and safety hazards are nonexistent.

If you’re human development program is not strategically designed and engineered to achieve the performance targets identified above, the consequential costs and inherent risks could drastically jeopardize your financial stability and longevity in the marketplace.

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